Election and Ilusion

A particular sentiment captures an entire generation.

Obama excited you in 2008 with his liberal message of change. But you didn’t know what you wanted to change, so you went with it and voted for him.

Then the Financial Crisis slapped you in the mouth, and you realized Obama is a tool just like the rest of them and has no interest in bringing Change to this system built to exploit the masses.

So you’re left with an existential dissonance because your liberalism tells you to vote for the blue guy – yet you realize by simply looking around that Obama hasn’t returned on the promises he made when he fooled an entire nation with his charming speeches. Yet he can smile and say “well, at least I’m not as bad as that crank Romney”. [ And sure, he’s right. Romney’s a bloodsucking psyocpath. ] 

To summarize: Obama can do whatever the fuck he wants, and then turn around and say “Shut up and deal with it. Just be happy Romney isn’t President.”


When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is democracy.                                –Jefferson*

You should never give away your voice. All this screaming in support of Obama as if he were some plastic celebrity makes me fucking sick. If you give away your support freely and blindly, politicians don’t have to do anything except maintain the status quo. Politicians should never feel comfortable, as if they have the blind support of people without having to work for it.

Withhold your vote. Go on strike from this political system, and make your demands.


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