a las barricadas

The feeling is unmistakable. Something is happening around the world. For the first time in the history of human communication, individuals around the globe are connecting in a way never thought possible, showing solidarity with people they may never meet, involved in protest movements in countries they may never visit, yet recognize a common struggle, a shared humanity.

But in order to analyze these phenomena, we must first seek to define it. When we refer to “The Global Movement”, we should move towards delineating the a container for this experiment. Are we just talking about the USA, Egypt, Greece and Spain? Is it just groups who use the terms “Occupy” or “Indignados”? What about Canada, Mexico, Portugal, and Italy? What about protests happening in China, Hong Kong, South Africa, and Macedonia? Are not the indigenous struggles of the world fighting the same enemy of corporate imperialism and globalization as the working classes of the industrialized world drudge onward under the weight of Atlas-oppressing capitalism?

How do we navigate this uneven landscape of culture, language, technology, and political environments to pull out common threads, standard measures, recognizable signs of the growing consensus? We are spellbound by an tenuous, yet shared silence – dark sharp gazes clandestinely darting as each other’s in a panicked heat not to be the first to break the anxious stillness.

Who will let loose the first primal scream that liberates the avalanche of unlocked rage?


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