democracy: theory\theatrics


On October 5-7, I’m traveling to Italy to speak on Occupy Wall Street at the Internazionale Journalism Festival, along with friends Laurie Penny, David Graeber, and Claudia Vago.

October 8-11, I’ll be in Strasbourg France at the “World Democracy Forum” – a stuffy official government conference for tons of foreign officials and diplomats, which is, quite frankly, a debasing farce performance that won’t be inclusive or participatory at all, as all the events are either moderated panels, or invitation-only debates. Activists in France have already organized a counter-forum to take democracy to the streets and make it for and by the people, not at fancy conferences behind closed doors.

Finally, after a little rest, I’ll be heading to Madrid for #13O – A Global Day of Action against Debt & Austerity ~ Remember October 15th last year? This is going to be even bigger.

I’m really looking forward to livetweeting and livestreaming, as well as writing long-form editorial. I’ve been in contact with a few different news outlets, and we’ll see if someone picks up the story.

But I really need your help! All this stuff costs money, and I’m doing this all on my own. I’ve never crowdfunded before, and I know that a lot of people are doing it these days, but I actually see it as a really amazing new way to democratize capital and fund projects that interest people and manifest ideas that empower citizen journalists to create an alternative media narrative to what’s in the main stream press.

If you can, I’d really appreciate if you can donate. Every little bit helps! It really does!



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