This is my old bio. You can find an updated bio here.

I’m a communicator, and a culturejammer. I’m interested in open data, open source documentation, and communication structures that facilitate the free flow of information, communication, creativity and democracy.

It is my hope that these tools can advance popular education and build skills and autonomy that will catalyze in a paradigm shift that will overthrow the toxic social, economic, and mental landscape in which we live.


I’ve worked with:

Occupy Wall Street
US Social Forum
World Social Forum International Council
National Student Power Convergence
Montréal Student Movement Convention
Alliance For Global Justice
Institute For Social Ecology
International Organization for a Participatory Society
War Resisters League
Make The Road NY
Campaign to Stop Stop & Frisk
Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort

I do social media and data analysis.

I write a blog, where I put the things nobody will publish.

Sometimes people publish things I write.

I am currently researching the anthropology of political resistance at The New School.


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